Emily - British Girl Bakes, teaches cake decorating


Emily, the girl behind the successful Youtube channel, British Girl Bakes, started her baking career as a hobby, but soon found that she wanted it to be more. Since starting baking in 2011, she’s worked in three bakeries, owned a successful cupcake shop and now runs her creative business as a cake decorating teacher and a Youtuber.


Be passionate about what you’re doing!


Emily talks to us about:

  • How she discovered her love of baking and how she started her Youtube channel as a hobby (it has since grown into a hugely successful channel!)

  • How she deals with comments and trolls on her Youtube channel, and interacts with her followers

  • How she manages the practical side of her business in terms of baking for orders, recording videos and selling the cakes.

  • What her cake baking business looks like now

  • Which social media channels lead to more course sales

  • Her advice on how to stand out on Youtube if you’re just starting out

  • How she manages her business, including the Youtube recording side, from home with a toddler running around

  • Time management between a toddler and a business

  • Where she draws inspiration from for her tutorials

  • Her thoughts on why cakes and cakes decorating is so popular

  • Her original business as a cupcake baker, which was also hugely successful

  • Copying of her videos or ideas, especially by people with a bigger audience

  • Her goal setting strategy for managing her business

You can find Emily at:

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