Robin Liefeld - Artist


Robin Liefeld is a stunning, big-hearted artist and creative entrepreneur. She shares openly about how her personal life has influenced and shaped her art, and how she’s built her art into a successful creative business. Robin is known for her gorgeous paintings of abstract “Little Girls”, who appear intuitively on her canvas while she’s busy preparing the abstract background.


I can do hard things.


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Robin talks to us about:

  • How the faces that she’s known for painting first came to her

  • How she mixed her love of colour and abstract painting with the faces that appear on her canvasses

  • How her experience as a foster Mom to 18 infants influences her art

  • An amazing experience where she painted a real girl before ever meeting her, which helped to validate her identity as an artist to herself - especially since she paints unrealistic faces.

  • The steps she took to actively find the people who like her kind of art - including working on her elevator pitch, joining art guilds, hanging her art in public spaces and more.

  • Robin’s art process from start to finish

  • Robin’s social media strategy and how she drives traffic to her online store

  • The story about how her “I can do hard things” journals came about.

  • How Robin helps other women to use art therapeutically

  • Robin’s talks to help artists to learn what to do to turn their art into a profitable business. She gives us her 20 steps that she teaches to the artists who attend her talks.

Where you can find Robin

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