Scott Harris, illustrator & painter of Character Art School


Scott is a concept artist and designer who recognises the value in failing - it’s one of life’s greatest teachers. He specialises in Anime and Manga style art, and is the founder of the Character Art School. Scott teaches his drawing style and techniques online, sells prints of his art and works with clients on a freelance basis.

Scott promises that he is easy to work with (which is apparent from his friendly interview;-) He also likes eating fruit loops and drinking coffee;-)


In art, heart and sincerity is core


Scott chats to us about:

  • The inspiration for Character Art School

  • Whether the style is inherent in the course

  • Skill versus talent

  • His own journey to art

  • Freelancing

  • Learning platforms versus one-on-one teaching

  • Course development of Character Art School

  • Traditional and digital medium

  • Japanese stationary

  • Your heart and art

  • Opportunities of online learning for students and teachers

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