Jodi Lynn Anderson, award winning author


Jodi Lynn Anderson is an award winning author of teenage fiction, but she’s also very funny and insightful and a delight to listen to. Jodi shows that even popular, published, full-time authors go through the same writing pains as every other writer is familiar with. She shares her writing process, schedule and inspiration and shares with us how she develops her beautiful, deep characters and builds her imaginary worlds.

Her book ‘Midnight at the Electric’ is the New York Public Library Best Book of 2017, and a multi-award winner.


Harry Potter everything, ever;-)


Jodi chats about:

  • Her previous career as an editor

  • How she transitioned to writing

  • What is essential to a first draft

  • The real job of an editor

  • Traditional vs. self publishing

  • Following ‘the beam’ i.e. what drives our need to create

  • Jodi’s writing process

  • How Jodi deals with the “disaster points” in her writing process (those times where you land up in a crying heap of confusion ;-) )

  • What drives Jodi to complete her books on time

  • How staring at your screen/page without writing can be productive

  • Jodi’s writing schedule and working around a young family

  • Inspiration

  • Character development, and getting attached to them, making character die…

  • World Building

Resources for fiction writers that Jodi enjoyed:

  • Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird

  • Bob McKee, Story

  • Blake Snyder, Save the cat

You can find Jodi at:

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