Episode #39 Barbara Baumann - Voted as one of the 200 best illustrators, from Austria

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Barbara Baumann, selected as one of the 200 best illustrators worldwide by Lurzer Archive, is an illustrator based in Austria. She does magazine and editorial illustration, children’s book and scientific illustration as well as illustrative branding. She teaches online and in person classes, during which she shares her passion for drawing. She has a full time, busy freelance business, while raising 3 young children.


There must be no border between the drawing and the wish to draw.


Barbara talks to us about:

  • What Barbara’s freelance illustration business looks like (It has many limbs!)

  • How Barbara got started as an illustrator and how she got her very first clients

  • The importance of your portfolio

  • The importance of finding yourself as an illustrator and letting the process unfold naturally

  • The difference between magazine and editorial illustrations

  • Her favourite way of expressing herself as an illustrator

  • Why illustrators always need to be learning and using the latest programs available

  • Her views on whether illustrators should stick to one field of illustrators or branch out and do different kinds

  • How Barbara got into children’s book illustration

  • Time management with a busy and varied freelance business while raising children

  • Where Barbara finds inspiration for her online store illustrations

  • Barbara’s thoughts on whether anyone can draw

  • Her sketchbooks

  • Abstract illustration

  • Social media for artists

  • Barbara’s 3 minute sketching process

  • Barbara’s advice to anyone wanting to start freelance illustration

You can find Barbara at:

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