Episode #34 Helen Blair, award winning palette knife artist from Central Otago, New Zealand


Helen Blair is an award winning palette knife artist from the South Island of New Zealand. She works from a barn on a mountain prairie, inspired by the nature around her as well as her travels. Helen sells her art through galleries as well as her website. Her style is bright, colourful and loose, with the palette knife being her favourite painting tool.


Creativity is about learning, not perfection.

Perfection is stagnation.



  • Using various media in her sketchbook for inspiration

  • The freedom of a palette knife

  • Her interpretation of the colour around her

  • Creative time with her children

  • The challenge of marketing

  • Her vibrant style

  • Her use for the sketchbook

  • Her workspace and completed paintings

You can find Helen at:

Resources Helen speaks about:

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