Episode #25 Malcolm Dewey, impressionist landscape artist & art coach

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Malcolm Dewey is a prolific impressionist landscape artist. But Malcolm didn’t start out as an artist - he started as a lawyer. Finding life in a law office unsatisfactory, he turned his attention once more to his art, and over the course of some time, he transitioned from full time lawyer to part-time to eventually leaving the legal world all together and putting all his time and focus into his art.

At one point, Malcolm opened an art gallery, and in the interview he gives us unique insight from the perspective of the gallery owner. Malcolm currently teaches online and in-person painting classes, and he put together an innovative art coaching program.


Unless you’re an instant hit; plan to build your success over time with multiple income streams


Malcolm hosts his own podcast, in which he strives to give listeners advice and insight on all matters related to being an artist, as well as conducts interviews with other artists or people in the art industry. If you enjoy watching artists at work, then you can find Malcolm on his Youtube channel, sharing his painting process.

During the show, Malcolm talks to us about:

  • How he transitioned from a career in law to being a full time artist.

  • His experience of being a gallery owner

  • The benefit art coaching

  • Selling art in galleries, online and offline, versus selling from the artists own website

  • His thoughts on posting art on social media and the possibility of it being stolen

  • Why he paints in oils

  • What his favourite colour and art tool is

  • Final words of wisdom to listeners

Where you can find Malcolm


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