Episode #24 Monique Day-Wilde - artist, author, illustrator & teacher

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Monique Day-Wilde is one of the artists who influenced my own creative path many years ago. Long before I even knew I could be an artist, I was browsing a bookstore and it was a book by Monique that caught my eye and got me started on the path of a creative life.

Monique is a prolific author and artist. She has written 13 “how to” art books, some of them in collaboration with her long time friend and artist, Angie Franke, and, her most recent book project, which are 5 adult colouring books. All her books are published by Metz Press. Her art has been included in “The Collectors guide to Art and Artists in South Africa” her art has been selected as finalists in various competitions. (More details about the competitions and exhibitions that she participated in can be found at her website.)

Monique’s art can be found in private collections around the world.

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“In my own quiet way I hope to influence the way the viewer observes the world around them - to notice the small details."


During the podcast, Monique entertains us with stories about what it was like to put a “how to” art book together in the days before the internet. She also talks to us about:

  • Time management with little children

  • Abstract art, and when you know a piece is actually finished

  • Inner critic (yes, even a long time artist like Monique still has this little voice.)

  • The benefits of working in a theme

  • Selling art both online and offline

  • The importance of collaborating with other artists

  • How to get involved in an exhibition

  • Adult colouring books (Check out Monique’s range of books in the links below or on Amazon.)

  • Creative entrepreneurship

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