Episode #32 - Ron Mulvey, Canadian watercolor landscape artist, author and teacher


Ron Mulvey is a watercolor artist from Canada, and the author of “The Artabet”, a book that he wrote to help teach kids how to draw anything. Ron teaches art to adults in workshops and online, and still runs a camp for kids where they learn art and make music. In his free time, Ron plays guitar and spends time with his family.

Ron has generously offered a free access pass to any of his online classes for listeners who want to try them out. Just visit his website and drop him a mail.


“If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing art.”


Ron talks to us about:

  • How he became an artist (with some sage advice from Albert Einstein)

  • What it really means to be an artist, and a mindset that artists could benefit from

  • Selling at online galleries versus brick and mortar ones, or directly from one’s website

  • Having a set “style” versus developing ones art on a continuous basis

  • The people that’s inspired him in his artistic development

  • An honest talk about art and money

You can find Ron at:

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