Episode #28 Mike Taylor, character animator


Mike Taylor is a character animator with decades of experience in the field. Not only is he knowledgeable, but also easy-going with a great sense of humour. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to him, and I’m sure you’ll love the interview as well, even if animation is not your thing.


“Have fun - it’s animation!”


During the show, Mike talks to us about:

  • How he got started as an animator

  • His learning experiences with Animation Mentor - a program developed by Pixar and Disney

  • How Mike got his freelance animation career started

  • Advice for aspiring animators in terms of equipment, skills and starting your own biz

  • The value of feedback

  • Mike’s new animation company NuHalu (fascinating, even if you’re not into animation, but especially if you are.)

  • What kinds of animation Mike enjoys most

  • Mike’s creative process, inspiration, procrastination, time management when working from home

  • Why animation could be considered an extreme sport;-)

Where you can find Mike

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