Episode #35 Monika Forsberg, creates gorgeous whimsical, fantasy style illustrations


Monika Forsberg is a London based full time, freelance illustrator who prefers to call herself a working artist, because she doesn’t know if she’s an illustrator or a designer. She doesn’t like art much, she can’t sketch, she draws with scissors and she prefers to listen to crime documentaries while creating her gorgeous whimsical, fantasy style illustrations. Aside from being a highly talented sought after illustrator who earns the bulk of her living through commissioned work, she’s also honest, funny and down to earth.


To be an illustrator is the most adorable jobs of them all.


Monika talks to us about

  • Her journey to becoming an illustrator (spoiler alert: it’s the best journey Ive heard thus far :) )

  • The business of being a freelance illustrator and how she got started

  • Art licencing

  • How growing up in the Swedish winter might have affected the art she produced today

  • Why she chose illustration and not fine art

  • Her illustration process

  • Her thoughts on posting art on social media

You can find Monika at

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