Episode #31 Arleesha Yetzer, Youtube creator and watercolour artist


Arleesha Yetzer is a Youtube creator and watercolour artist who is known for her distinct style and whimsical representations of the human figure and portraits. She also teaches online classes where she shares her techniques and knowledge.


“Just start!”


Arleesha talks to us about:

  • Being a Youtube artist and how she grew her channel amazingly fast

  • How she builds her platform

  • How Arleesha developed her style and skills

  • Where Arleesha gets inspiration

  • The 2 things Arleesha does to deal with feeling not good enough as an artist

  • How Arleesha turned a fear into a skill that helps define her signature style

  • Arleesha’s favourite art tools

  • Using Chinese calligraphy brushes in watercolour

  • Arleesha’s favourite watercolour brands

  • Being a Youtube artist and dealing with internet trolls

  • Her future professional plans, including her online store.

  • Where Arleesha gets her business knowledge

  • The hardest part of being a creative entrepreneur

  • The issue of image theft

Arleesha can be found at

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