Episode #12 - Chris Vabre, designer, illustrator and maker

Chris Vabre

Chris Vabre


In this episode, I'm delighted to be able to talk to Chris Vabre. Chris is a talented artist and designer who plays with sculpting, textiles, fashion design, jewellery design and many other creative outlets. She used to work as a fashion buyer for companies like St. John, Marni and Chanel, but now, at the time of the podcast, she works for a high end retail store on the Las Vegas strip that specialises in restoring and selling antique eyewear.


Make it your journey.


I love that Chris never felt that she had to confine herself to one art form only. She's dabbled in many creative expressions, always giving herself permission to explore whatever she felt drawn to.

Chris's words of wisdom

  • Make it your journey.

  • Listen! Even to what you don't want to hear. Just pay attention.

  • Be true to yourself.

You can find Chris and her beautiful designs as well as links to her online classes here: