Episode #10 - Anne Butera, self-taught watercolour artist




A case of classical conditioning

I'm sure you've heard about Ivan Pavlov, the brains behind the idea of Classical Conditioning, which says that we learn to associate a certain stimulus with a certain behaviour. Think about how you react when someone mentions "dentist" or "maths" or "brussel sprouts." I just have to walk into a book store or an art supply store and my adrenaline gets going, much like a child in a toy store.

Similarly, Anne Butera, todays guest on the show, has managed to create a stimulus-response reaction in me by simply being her lovely self. The stimulus of Anne's voice leads to an automatic melting of all the tension that I hold, and when in her company I feel instantly calm and sensible.


As I study my subject I listen to its whispers and I return to enchanted childhood memories


Creating mindful art

Anne is all about slowing down and learning to savour life in the moment. If you head over to her site, www.mygiantstrawberry.com, she invites you to subscribe to her Joyletter and then sends you lovely, watercolour illustrated joy lists on which to record your moments of joy every day. I love that, and her lists, next to my laptop, are a constant reminder to look for the joy in any given moment, rather than the stress, the pressure or the complaints.

Self-Taught Artist

Anne is a self-taught artist, and her primary medium is watercolour. As you'll notice when you visit her site, she draws inspiration from her garden - from plants, flowers, watering cans and other gardening related things. Her illustrations are soft, beautiful and detailed.

Online classes

Anne also gives online classes at Skillshare, so if you feel inspired by her gentle, meditative style and want to learn from Anne, then head over to her website and join her online classes.

You can find Anne here