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Every week I bring you interviews with other creative women for an insider look into their lives, to find out how they manage to live a creative life while perhaps even earning something from their art. So grab a cuppa and join me now for inspiration, stories, tips, and tools to help you live your creative dreams.

ChrisVabrePodPhoto#12 - Chris Vabre

Chris Vabre is a talented artist and designer who plays with sculpting, textiles, fashion design, jewellery design and many other creative outlets; always giving herself permission to explore whatever she felt drawn to. Listen now >> . .

michelegreen#11 - Michele Green

Michelle Green's passion for the sweeter things in life led her to establish a business teaching others how to grow their sweet food businesses through her book "The Business of Baking", live classes worldwide and her online course "Build your profitable cake business." Listen now >> .

annebutera#10 - Anne Butera

Anne Butera, self-taught watercolour artist, talks to us about learning art and the importance of recognising joy in every moment, slowing down and mindfulness. Listen now >> . .

barabaragrace#09 - Barabara Grace

Barbara Grace, a phenomenal woman, spends her time thinking about creativity - what it is, how we access it, how we can nurture it, how we use it in every aspect of our lives and much more.Listen now >> . .

gay_strathmore#08 - Gay Kreager

Gay Kraeger, owner of Wildways Illustrated and a Craftsy Unlimited teacher, shares how she started her journey with watercolour journaling and how that hobby eventually led to her establishing her own design business. Listen now >> . .

TaraRoskellPodPhoto#07 - Tara Roskell

Tara Roskell, The Idea Medic, provides first aid for your creative muscle through her podcast of the same name, and her online courses. Listen now >> . . .

SandraBusbyPodPhoto#06 - Sandra Busby

Sandra Busby, an award winning still life artist who is amazingly talented and who happens to be self taught. When I first visited her website, I thought I'd misunderstood something. On the homepage I found what looked more like photographs. These turned out to be Sandra's oil paintings, not photographs at all. Listen now >>

KirstyShadiacPodPhoto#05 - Kirsty Shadiac

Kirsty Shadiac, mother of two small kids, artist and the brain behind the Australian based online art school for kids called "Artventure". Listen now >> . . .

FionaIngramPodPhoto#04 - Fiona Ingram

The author of the award-winning children’s adventure book "The Secret of the Sacred Scarab". She’s written two other books in this series and her passion for animals has also led her to create Caladrius Books, which is dedicated to various animal rescue sites and their amazing stories. Fiona also writes Regency romance novels under the pseudonym, Arabella Sheraton. Listen now >>

RiaSharonPodPhoto#03 - Ria Sharon

The artist behind the Wild and Precious range – a line of functional and wearable art inspired by her love of nature and animals and her mindfulness practice. She is also one of the top 1% of teachers on the online learning platform Skillshare, where she teaches the popular “Sketchbook Magic” series. Her classes cultivate art as a process of self-care and self-discovery. Listen now >>

MarieNoellePodPhoto#02 - Marie-Noëlle Wurm

A freelance artist, illustrator and online art teacher living in the South of France. She talks to us about life as a freelancer and about Patreon, the online platform for artists and creative to get financial support for their art. I also ask Marie-Noëlle to tell us how her rather unique style developed. Listen now >> .

DonnaBarkerPodPhoto#01 - Donna Barker

Technical ghost-writer, award-winning author of quirky women’s fiction and creative entrepreneur is the inaugural guest on the 'Not-Starving Artist – How She Did It' podcast. She speaks about ghost-writing, self-publishing, and how her daily routine allows her to be a creative entrepreneur, wife and mother. Listen now >>