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Live and Create with an unbound heart

I first heard the term “unbound heart” from a beautiful poet and yoga teacher called Meg McKraken. I love that term - a heart that is free to create, express, feel, love and expand without boundaries or limits.

When last did you live a day or create something with an unbound heart?

Sometimes? Never? Can’t remember the last time?

Or is this your way of being - consciously creating every day with a heart that is open to everything and everyone?

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Letter from The Masters - The to-be list

These letters come about through my guides, who call themselves collectively “The Masters”. I use meditation and automatic writing as a way to communicate with them for the purposes of these letters.

My questions are in bold, and the responses from The Masters are typed in as is, with no editing, in normal font. I give background information in brackets to explain a question where necessary.

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