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Writing Habits of Successful Writers

Below is a list of the writing habits of successful authors. I know many authors share the same habit, but I’ve put the author’s name next to the habit as I found them or as I know them from years of being interested in what writers do. Perhaps, if you’re feeling stuck in your writing, you could pick just one habit, implement it for a while and see what happens…

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The Interrupted Writer

The more I write, the more I realise how perfect the creative process is. We - the artists - think it should look and work a certain way, such as during quiet time, or while being alone, or while everyone is out so that we don’t get disturbed, or perhaps, one day, when we’re retired…. But in actual fact, it’s the hum drum of every day life that keeps the creative wheel turning. The interruptions in particular.

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Doing instead of Being - are we missing the point?

It’s quite obvious, in the blog image above, that I missed the point of Sumi-e painting completely with this one. The fish are all right, but when I looked back at the picture once it was complete, I knew it wasn’t a Sumi-e painting. It was just ink on paper.

The essential element that’s missing

It’s not only Sumi-e art that can be practiced mindfully. Every part of your day could have some element of contemplation, emotion or thoughtfulness about it.

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Letter from The Masters - The to-be list

These letters come about through my guides, who call themselves collectively “The Masters”. I use meditation and automatic writing as a way to communicate with them for the purposes of these letters.

My questions are in bold, and the responses from The Masters are typed in as is, with no editing, in normal font. I give background information in brackets to explain a question where necessary.

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