Betty In The Sky - flight attendant, podcaster and author


Betty Thesky is first a flight attendant, but in her spare time, she’s a writer and podcaster with a phenomenally successful show! I came across Betty because she’s mentioned in Guy Kawasaki’s book “Enchanted”. Her show, and her many books, draw on her experiences as a flight attendant. Betty is funny, lighthearted, energetic and she lives the ideal writers life! (And she sounds like she has a huge amount of fun doing it! )


Sometime you just need to start.


Betty chats about

  • how she got started

  • her writing process

  • how her publisher supported the process

  • her self-published work

  • her notes and preparation

  • her work as an air stewardess

  • her self-publishing process

  • more economical options for manuscript preparation

  • marketing options she followed

  • fitting social media around her life

  • her audio book publication

  • her podcast and startup

  • managing her schedule

  • her (very fortunate!) research & writing process

  • her advise for the time-strapped

You can find Betty at

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