Letters from The Masters - Manifestation versus goal setting

These letters come about through my guides, who call themselves collectively “The Masters”. I use meditation and automatic writing as a way to communicate with them for the purposes of these letters.

My questions are in bold, and the responses from The Masters are typed in as is, with no editing, in normal font. I give background information in brackets to explain a question where necessary.

Feathers from Source, by Angie Noll

Feathers from Source, by Angie Noll

What is the art of parking spaces and green traffic lights all about?

(It is phrased this way because that’s how I think of modern manifestation. Somehow, it always starts with getting green traffic lights on your way to work, and open parking spaces where normally it would be difficult to find these. )

This is the art of manifestation, is it not? Of learning to think in a certain way so that you anticipate what you want to have happen, and then it does.


It is the art of manifestation, which is nothing more than thought control, or rather focusing the mind in a particular way to achieve a positive outcome. And then not allowing yourself to become distracted along the way to that outcome. You have an expression about shiny objects, or squirrels. Manifestation is the skill of not being distracted by shiny objects along the way to achieving what you want to achieve.

Is manifestation and goal setting the same thing then?

They lead to the same outcome. Think about it. If you want want to set goals, say earn a certain amount of money or to have a certain object appear in your life, you’re really saying you want to manifest it. The misconception about manifesting is that it should somehow appear out of thin air, whereas if you set goals toward something, it is something you work for.

But both manifesting and goal setting are just words that describe a process that will cause a desired result to come about in your life. The connotation is that goal setting is for “do-ers” (as in those who “do”/”work”) and manifestation is for be-ers (as in those who “be" or just are.)

So when we’re setting goals, we usually write lists of activities or steps that we must take, within a certain timeframe, to achieve that goal. But when we think about manifesting something, we usually make vision boards, write lists of affirmations, think positive and hope for the best. If the two processes are the same, which set of actions should we take then?

First, the two processes are not the same. The results of the processes are the same. They are both valid ways to achieve a desired outcome. The processes themselves are like two roads leading to the same destination.

One road, the goal setting road, is direct, with well-defined stops along the way to mark progress. Generally, these stops are quick, and serve the purpose of refuelling yourself for the next stretch before continuing on the journey. The aim is to get there as fast as possible. This is not always a bad thing.

The other road, the manifestation road, is the scenic option, with rest stops to get out and appreciate the journey thus far. Notice the rests on this route is to check in with yourself, appreciate how far you’ve come and enjoy where you find yourself. You can rest for as long as you like at these stops, because there is no hurry. This is not always a bad thing either.

So is the goal setting approach faster and more certain of a desired outcome than manifesting?

No, not necessarily. It can be, provided that you know for sure where you want to land up, and that there are no detours along the way. These two conditions are very rarely met, and since you can’t control possible detours along the way, you have to account for those anyway. But in the rare instance that someone knows exactly where they want to land up, and they’re not distracted along the journey, this approach can be fast, direct and appropriate.

However, the scenic route (manifestation) can also be direct, once again if you know for sure where you want to end up. If your desired end result is crystal clear in your mind.

But this is where things often go wrong for people. They either don’t have a crystal clear idea of their desire, or they start off with a clear idea, then it becomes muddy and they become confused along the way, regardless of the approach taken.

The scenic route is always prettier, more relaxing and the advantage of this approach is that it makes room for the universe to step in and surprise you. You meet new people, see things most others don’t see and generally arrive at your end destination in a more relaxed, happy state. The direct route leaves little room for these sorts of surprises because everything has been so strictly outlined beforehand and people fear that they won’t reach their goal if they wander away from the pre-set plan of action.

So it’s not the approach that matters so much as the clarity?

We think the approach matters too. There are times when a goal setting, direct action plan is appropriate, but most often, the softer manifestation approach is best, because it allows your inner guidance to show you the way even if you’re not clear about where you want to land up or how to get there. Your inner being will show you. And most people are not very clear about where they want to go, so this is the better approach generally.

We want to add, however, that the term “manifestation approach” is not the right one. Everything is manifestation - whether you set goals in the hard and fast way or allow the currents of life to pull you in a general direction. Two extreme options, but the art of achievement falls anywhere on this continuum of hard and fast goals and steps to drifting along aimlessly. Either way, you will get somewhere. But we understand your use of the term “manifestation approach” and we use it in the same way as you do in this letter for ease of understanding.

Another note: The manifestation approach, as you call it, does not have to include the use of vision boards or affirmations. Affirmations are good, but they’re a whole topic by themselves and not in the scope of this letter. Vision boards are fine, but they should be done differently. In another letter, we will explain. The manifestation approach should rather include a focus on meditation and listening to your inner guidance. This is the GPS system that will take you successfully along scenic route toward your goal in the shortest possible time and most direct route for you.

Achieving what you wish to achieve has more to do with knowing yourself and trusting yourself than with the approach used. With self knowledge, you will know clearly what to do for any given goal or desire.

Thank you

It is our pleasure to share knowledge and bring clarity.



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