Live and Create with an unbound heart

Oil Paint, Angie Noll

Oil Paint, Angie Noll

I first heard the term “unbound heart” from a beautiful poet and yoga teacher called Meg McKraken. I love that term - a heart that is free to create, express, feel, love and expand without boundaries or limits.

When last did you live a day or create something with an unbound heart?

Sometimes? Never? Can’t remember the last time?

Or is this your way of being - consciously creating every day with a heart that is open to everything and everyone?

What sort of art - or day - would you produce if you remembered that you have an unbound heart that walks hand in hand with your unbound creative spirit?

I don’t know if I ALWAYS create so openly and freely - but what might that look like? The DoodleJournals that I created came about during a few days when I really felt my unbound heart and creative spirit working together. It was pure magic. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so creatively free as I did during the two weeks of hands on, fingers in the paint pure, unpasteurised creative expression as I did during that time. How can I do this again and again, consciously creating not only my art experiences but my daily ones too, so that everything can feel like boundless, free flowing magic? This is what I’m interested in.

How do you reach this wide, open, expansive space inside of you to create (art and life) freely, joyously and without limits?

  1. First, you have to remember that you have an unbound heart and spirit. Let them mingle inside of you and conjure up crazy, magnificent, luscious ideas. The kind where you sit back and say, ‘I wonder if that could work?’ or ‘Whoa…’ And then you do it.

  2. Next, you have to allow the process of creativity to take over. Let it take over your hands, your mind, your art studio or dining room. Let it invade your space and infect everything that you touch. Like Dostoyevsky said, “Art is infection.” Allow for raw creative power to flow through you without giving it a second thought. That means rules of any kind are temporarily forgotten. This is not limited to art. The process of creativity is what creates our daily lives - so let it take over in whichever form you desire, whatever calls to your heart.

  3. Lastly, you have to ride it out. Don’t allow your reason or logic to interfere with the process at this stage. Those faculties can come back later, but for now, put them aside. And dedicate your whole Self - the you that is so much bigger and wiser and way more fun than you realise - to take over and create - moment by moment, until you close your eyes at night, and ready yourself to start again the next day.

That’s how you create with an unbound heart. Openly, fearlessly and without resistance. You simply get yourself out of the way and allow the creative process to take over fully, and infect everything that you touch.

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