Rod Moore, an Australian contemporary Impressionist & art business owner


Rod has a background in small business marketing, and he brings that knowledge with him into his art business. He shares so much of his journey with us - from his business mistakes and successes to the steps her took to overcome personal issues that stood in his way.


“There’s never going to be a better time than right now to be a working artist.”


Rod talks to us about:

  • How he moves toward abstract art from a realistic background

  • The possibility for artists to earn a living from their art

  • His own art business - and how it’s changed over the years

  • How he goes about building his audience on his website and on other platforms

  • Warm versus cold traffic and when cold traffic could be a better option

  • Business models

  • Business resources

  • How to start your art teaching business

  • The steps Rod took to help himself build his on-camera confidence

  • The daily self-doubt that he - and almost every other artist - faces

You can find Rod at:

Podcastsangie Noll