Rachelle, surface pattern designer and design educator from 'Pattern And Design'


Rachelle is a surface pattern and textile designer with over a decade of experience in the field. She’s designed for companies big and small and her work can be found on a wide range of categories including homeware, apparel, stationary and accessories. Rachelle is a passionate teacher, both in-person and online.


It’s important not to get too attached to your work.


Rachelle chats to us about:

  • How she found her way to surface pattern design

  • What business aspects she finds most challenging

  • How she identifies the topics to cover in her online courses

  • The options you can consider to get started in the industry

  • Why your portfolio is important

  • Being adaptable vs. retaining your style

  • Characteristics of a good pattern vs. bad pattern

  • Her inspirations

  • The value of researching for an agent

  • How the client’s industry influences your design

  • Using competitions to increase your exposure

  • Importance of not being too attached to your work

You can find Rachelle and her courses at:

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