Letter from The Masters - The to-be list

These letters come about through my guides, who call themselves collectively “The Masters”. I use meditation and automatic writing as a way to communicate with them for the purposes of these letters.

My questions are in bold, and the responses from The Masters are typed in as is, with no editing, in normal font. I give background information in brackets to explain a question where necessary.


Is there a way that we can be more effective on a daily basis while striving to be effortless? Or, how can be embrace the idea of doing without doing, while still getting stuff done on a daily basis?

There is a way to do this. You have to change your way of being, and start this by changing the words that you use. Everyday, in the morning, take a minute to decide what you will be for that day, not what you will do. This is your to-be list. Include only a few things, maybe, 4 or 5. Keep the categories broad. For example:

Today I will be:

  • A marketer

  • A writer

  • An organiser

  • A friend

When you set yourself up “to be” something, there is a lot less resistance to it. You are naturally less resistant to “being” than to doing. If you construct your list in the way it is given above, you can be many things in one day - including all the things that you dream of having. (To have something you have to be it in your vibration first.)

So if you’re dreaming of making good friends, then include on your list that you will be friendly and friended on that day. If you dream of being rich or making more money, then include on your list that you are being rich on that day. If you have a lot of marketing activities to do that you don’t like to do, then include on your list that you are being a marketer for that day.

To-do lists are chores, and no one likes them. It is no surprise then that most people struggle to get through their days armed with a long to-do list. It’s like swimming upstream all day long. "Doing” goes against your natural state,. Being is your natural state.

You’ve heard the saying “effortless doing” or “doing without doing”. Some misunderstand it as doing nothing. When you make your to-do lists, you’re putting a lot of effort into "doing”, which is not a graceful or easeful state of being. A daily to-be list, which is short, with broad categories, will show you how to be, how to achieve without effort.

You might even be able to feel the energetic difference between the words “to do” and “to be”. You can feel how much softer, less resistant it is to simply be.

See how much you can get done - and with a positive attitude and light feeling - when you are being instead of doing.

Thank you.

Namaste. We will leave it there.


Writing, blogangie Noll