Episode #36 Angela Nelson takes breathtaking wedding photos in Maui

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Angela Nelson is a wonderful soul doing some really great photography on the Island of Maui. She’s open, honest, funny and knowledgeable not only about photography but about creative business in general. She’s a true professional and her podcast contains great information for anyone wanting to start a creative business on the right foot.


Find your niche and get good at it!


(Please note that there is a lawnmower on in the background…. so sorry! It’s a local obsession and I can’t make them stop, even though a slightly wild garden is always more enchanting than a perfectly manicured one!)

Angela talks to us about:

  • How she landed up ending her teaching career and started her two businesses - one as a wedding photographer and one as an engagement photographer.

  • Living on the island of Maui in Hawaii, and how she adapted to island life (she’s from Michigan originally.)

  • How she first broke into the competitive wedding photography industry when she started her business and landed up changing her target market.

  • The best and the worst part of being a wedding photographer

  • Running her creative businesses with a young child in the house (at the time of the interview, Angela’s daughter was only 16 months old.)

  • How she handles the occasions when marriage proposals don’t go as planned or when guests at a wedding don’t behave themselves.

Angela’s advice for people who want to start a photography business.

  • Finding your niche

  • Branding

  • What to invest in when you’re just starting out

  • Finding a like minded community

  • The importance of having a contract (and a deposit) from the very first client

  • The question of free work in the beginning “for exposure”

  • Marketing

  • To apprentice or just start out on your own

  • Basic equipment recommendation when just starting out

You can find Angela at

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