Art and Love

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Isn’t the very IDEA that we can live with so much love inside of us just so INSPIRATIONAL?

I’ve been mulling it over all day. It’s such an awesome idea - much like what Wayne Dyer said about the the orange. He always asked, “What do you get when you squeeze and orange?”

Obviously orange juice.

The point is that nothing else can come out of an orange. Only what is inside of it.

So if we only have LOVE inside of us, that’s all that can come out of us, especially when life squeezes us a bit, right?


In practice….

HOW does one live in love only?!

As I was walking around with this idea today - in between the toys and craft debris scattered on the lounge floor, the smelly guinea pig cage needing a clean and sitting right under my easel, and the occasional sibling squabble - I think I might understand HOW to do it.

I don’t think it’s meant to be a constant state of being - otherwise we’d all be saints and miss out on the “wonderful” contrasting experiences in life.

So, the idea isn’t that we live in this blissful state of pure love all day long, but simply remind ourselves to go back every time we find ourselves slipping too far away from it. (READ: irritation, annoyance, anger, impatience…)

During Savasana this morning, I realised why my yoga practice is so integral to my art practice. Not only does how I show up on my mat influence how I show up at the easel, it also works in the reverse.

But there’s more to it than that. It’s the spiritual connection that both practices give me.

I’m not religious, in the traditional sense of the word. I don’t have a holy book to read, or a holy place to commune with others.

My spiritual practice takes the shape of yoga and art.

I meet my Self on the mat, every day, and I express that Self in my art, every day.

It’s not always fun, and it’s not always (rarely) Instagram worthy;-

But when I read this quote by Troy Hadeed, I realised that THAT’S what I’m striving for. THAT’S why I art everyday. THAT‘s why I yoga and meditate every day. THAT’s why I choose my spiritual and art teachers very carefully, based on their energy and how they show up in the world. THAT’s why I monitor not only my thoughts, by also my own vibes, all day long.

How do I feel when I’m showing up on Instagram or Facebook? Do I feel resentful that this is the playground we must play in or do I want to show up with good vibes and positive energy?

How do I feel when I write a blog post, paint an illustration or record another class?

If I don’t feel something close to LOVE, I’ve learnt to stop, and first change what I feel, through yoga, meditation or stepping away all together and leaving the house, and THEN come back and re-engage in my work.

I want to live with so much love in my own heart, that it filters through into my art, into my business, into every way in which I show up in the world, online and offline. Yoga brings me closer to that, so does meditation. But also the smell of oil paint, the rich buttery feeling at my finger tips, the way watercolours blend and create their own unique beauty on the page, my children (sometimes;-) ) the sunshine and the sea.

What brings you closer to that feeling of bursting with love, with gratitude, with joy? Do you give yourself a chance to fill your cup every day and bring that into your creative practice or are you running on empty?

Much love


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Writingangie Noll