Episode #21 Carrie Brummer, artist and founder of Artist Strong


Carrie Brummer is the artist behind the popular website, Artist Strong. She uses her website as a place to help fellow artists and creative souls to find their own unique artistic voice. 


Give yourself permission to make a lot of bad art.


Carrie is the perfect person for this job because it took a threat to her life for her to finally let go of the need to create perfect art just enough for her voice to shine through. In that moment of painting, where she allowed herself to be free, for in case this was the last time she would even paint, she discovered what so many artists are looking for - her artist self. She discovered what it felt like and how it wants to be expressed.

Thankfully, Carrie started Artist Strong, because she wants to help other artists find their unique way of expressing themselves, without needing a life or death situation in which to do it.


Where you can find Carrie


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