Episode #20 Anne Kuiper, freelance hand-letterer & illustrator


Anne Kuiper is a delightful young woman talking to us from Amsterdam, where she works as a full time freelance handletter and illustrator. Anne will decorate anything with her art - from company walls and websites to menus and paper. 


"Comparison is the thief of joy" - Theodore Roosevelt; g

et yourself out there, take baby steps and keep going.


Not only does Anne decorate anything she can with her gorgeous, soft illustration style, she also teaches others how to do it through in-person workshops and online classes. Her website is transparent and beautiful and her business is growing, which makes her an ideal person to tell us how she manages to have a full time freelance career as a hand-letterer and illustrator.


Anne's always had a love of letters. She loves reading them, writing them, rhyming them and drawing them. And if she can have a bit chocolate sprinkled in her world of letters, then she's even happier.

Anne's creative journey didn't start with a degree in Fine Arts. She attended university and studied international communication instead. But somewhere in between her studies, traveling and a series of "nice jobs", she discovered bullet journaling - the current trend among many creatives globally. 

Starting her own bullet journals provided a way for her to explore her creativity, and she discovered a passion for drawing letters. A few years later, she's working full time as a freelance illustrator and handletterer, providing beautiful menu's, murals, invitations, business brochures and much more to her clients. 

Anne was a delight to talk to, and if you're interested not only in hand-lettering, but also in finding out how this creative soul managed to turn her passion into a business, then listen to her podcast and visit Anne's website.


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