Daring and disruptive


I’ve just started reading the book by serial entrepreneur Lisa Messenger, called “Daring and Disruptive.”

Holey moley, this woman knows how to inspire!

It was just the kick up the patooties that I needed to propel me into clarity (not really clarity, even, just owning what I knew all along) and action.

I’m only on page 39 (it’s one of those books that doesn’t start on page 1… it starts on page 13) and already I’ve filled a page in my business journal with insights and taken action on two things that I should have done AGES ago but resisted doing. Think social media, and you’ll probably also come up with at least one or two things you know you should be doing with this amazing tool we have at our disposal, but have resisted doing.

Quote (2).png

What has your gut been telling you you need to do for your creative business or art practice, that you’ve been ignoring? If you can’t bring yourself to do it, go read Lisa’s book. Now. You’ll do it then;-)

After reading my first 39 pages of “Daring and Disruptive” I was inspired to take action. And with each action we take, especially the ones we’ve been avoiding for long, we empower ourselves just that little bit more.

So I learnt Canva;-)

Nothing major, in the bigger scheme of business-y things. But important - because it frees up all the anxiety I carried whenever I thought of something great to share with followers, but held back because I didn’t know how to make it look appealing.

Well, thank you Lisa Messenger. 39 pages and one hour on Canva later, I’m free of all future anxiety (and resistance) toward creating simple marketing and advertising materials, as well as gorgeous posts for social media.

It’s been a HUGE hold back for me, and if you’re sniggering at me right now for being so slow to take on the magic that is Canva, (and social media) then have a go. And if you’re not, then you should be!

So go to your local library, or hop on to Bookdepository or Amazon, and order Daring and Disruptive, by Lisa Messenger, if entrepreneurship is even remotely on your horizon.

You’ll want to own a copy of this book. It’s that good! After the first reading you’ll be all fired up with enthusiasm and big ideas, and then, when it fizzles out a bit - as it always does - you’ll have the book handy for dipping into;-)

Let me know what you think of the book once you’ve read it;-)