Episode #40 Jose Trujillo, fine artist and supercharged creative entrepreneur


Jose Trujillo is the most prolific artist that I know, and he’s hands down also the most inspirational. He’s sheer amount of energy, positivity and creativity is absolutely contagious, and because his thoughts often run counter to commonly held beliefs about art and business, he’s like a breath of fresh air!


What if I don’t have to wait until I die to be noticed?

I live inspired and create as a result.


Jose talks about

  • His artistic journey and how his business was born out of necessity

  • Why he is the worlds greatest living artist

  • Being a Youtube artist

  • The power of meditation

  • Jose’s most influential books and resources in terms of self-help

  • Selling art on e-bay

  • Whether it’s important to like your own art or not

  • Aspects of running a creative business such as social media, selling art online, packaging art

  • Gallery representation versus self representation (he’s been in both situations)

  • Time management for a full time artist with a young family

  • Inspiration

  • Being a self taught artist

You can find Jose here

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