Episode #33 - Anja Berloznik, a Slovenian freelance graphic designer and intuitive artist


Anja Berloznik is a freelance graphic designer and intuitive artist from Slovenia. She describes herself as a “soulful creative” and the themes of personal development and spirituality run strongly through her art.


Don’t get fixed on one idea of art.



  • Her decorative style of art

  • That it’s possible to run out of creativity if your day job demands it all from you

  • How to overcome school based art-making and find your own voice as an artist

  • The connection between art and self development / spirituality.

  • Where she finds her inspiration

  • Her unique art style and the process she uses to create her pieces

  • How she chooses her gorgeous palette’s for each art piece

  • Life as a freelance graphic designer

You can find Anya at:

Resources Anya mentions:


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