Episode #38 Ronnie Walter - Artist, Writer and Business coach for creatives


Ronnie used to have an art licensing business which she ran with her husband, so she will be talking to us mostly about art licensing and print on demand. But, when Ronnie’s not licensing her own art work, she’s also dabbling in abstract art and cartooning. Welcome Ronnie!


Stay curious and don’t be so hard on yourself.

Really think about your product and the audience before you decide to go into POD or art licensing.


Ronnie talks to us about:

  • How Ronnie meandered her way through several jobs to becoming a freelancer who first went broke, but then used her circumstances to eventually become a successful freelance illustrator and art licence agent, teacher and author.

  • The art licensing industry and how it evolved

  • What art licensing is and how it differs from Print on Demand

  • Why having a strategy to go with your Print on Demand line is imperative to your success in this field

  • Instagram and Print on Demand and Art Licensing

  • The myth of “being discovered” as opposed to creating a portfolio tailored for specific potential customers

  • How to find the art directors to send your portfolio to

  • How to form relationships with art directors and why this could take some time

  • Combining POD and art Licensing

  • The Greeting Card Industry

  • Ronnie’s cartoons and on writing funny

  • How Ronnie’s art coaching business evolved

You can find Ronnie at:

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