Episode #30 Kristy Lankford, Illustrator and Custom Wedding Painter


Kristy Lankford is an illustrator who loves to paint in watercolor, acrylic, gouache, and ink. Her work can be found in children's illustrations, custom wedding paintings, and more. Kristy comes from Washington, D.C and teaches art to students of all ages, both online and in person. She also paints custom wedding pictures.


Inspiration can be found everywhere.


Kristy Talks to us about:

  • Finding time for art with two small children (at the time of the interview, Kristy’s youngest was 1 month old! And yes, there are a few tiny baby sounds;-) )

  • Teaching art in person (in higher ed.) versus online

  • Selling art online - Etsy, fineartamerica - and MOKO & CO, her business with her sister

  • Live wedding painting

  • How she started getting her first commissions

  • Editorial and children’s illustrations

  • Where she finds her inspiration

  • Having your art studio in and amongst the rest of the house

  • Creativity in children and how to nurture it

  • Dealing with comparison and inner critic

Where you can find Kristy

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