Episode #27 Salli Swindell, illustrator, three-time winner of the Louie Award, and co-founder of They Draw And Cook


Salli Swindell is a highly talented illustrator and creative entrepreneur, and, as I discovered during our interview, she is also an incredibly heartfelt, warm and genuine person and it was a complete joy to talk to her. Salli and her brother Nate are the co-founders of the #1 food illustration website TheyDrawAndCook.


Be your own biggest fan.

Be open to surprising yourself.


During the show, Salli talks to us about:

  • The practicalities of a brother-sister business

  • How she managed to grow They Draw and Cook so quickly to become the number one site for food illustrators.

  • Publishing illustrated recipe cookbooks

  • The inspirational aspect of They Draw and Cook

  • Greeting card illustration and Salli’s experience in this field

  • The stealing of work online

  • Art licencing

  • Finding your own voice or style

  • Salli’s favourite creative tools

  • Sketchbooks - how to overcome fear of the blank new page and other thoughts

  • How to effectively deal with inner critics

Where you can find Salli

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