Episode #08 – Gay Kraeger, from journaling to creative entrepreneur


The first thing that struck me about Gay Kraeger was her easy going style and her sense of humour. And, of course, her emphasis on non-perfect art. She mentions that a lot - the deliberate focus on creating imperfectly.

I asked Gay if she would like to be a guest on The Not -Starving Artist Podcast because Gay's journey is an inspirational one. Yes, yes, I know - ALL the women I've spoken to thus far on the show are inspirational, but each one managed to do whatever they're doing with art by following a different route. Which just underscores the importance of constantly reminding ourselves that there is no right way - only the way that works for us.


A deliberate focus on creating imperfectly


Gay started keeping a watercolour journal after being inspired by Christina Lopp Schwabecher's illustrated journals of her trip to France. Once the illustrated journal bug bit Gay, however, it led to other unexpected things - like eventually starting her own business, Wildways Illustrated, designing interpretive display panels.

Gay has a class on Craftsy Unlimited where you can learn her techniques for keeping an illustrated watercolour nature journal - during which you will also be reminded to keep it imperfect.

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