Episode #07 - Tara Roskell , The Idea Medic


Creativity, like physical exercise, doesn't come without some effort. And those who exercise their creative muscles more often, are fitter than those who don't. It's a simple idea, and yet we often forget it. We neglect our creativity, and when we sit down to make our art, our creative muscles are lax and weak.


Being able to come up with good ideas is a skill that we learn, and one that can be taught.


The Idea Medic

This week, I talk to Tara Roskell, who is The Idea Medic. She provides first aid for your creative muscle through her podcast, which goes by the same name, and her online courses. Tara also co-hosts another podcast with her friend and artist, Sandra Busby, called "Kick in the Creatives".

Tara's interest in the creative process stems from her belief that everybody has the ability to be creative, and if we don't feel creative, it's because we don't know enough about the process of idea generation.

Ideas do not come out of nowhere

This is a secret that most serious creatives have discovered through hard work, and most people who do not think that they are creative, have yet to discover. Ideas do not just float around in the sky. Being able to come up with good ideas is a skill that we learn, and one that can be taught.

Usually, we flex our idea muscles simply by being creative - by engaging in our art. Every time we sit down to draw, paint, play an instrument, dance or play, we're exercising our creative muscle, so we do it without realising we're doing it.

However, when we've neglected our creativity for a while, it might feel like hard work to generate ideas and be creative. If we've neglected our creativity for so long that we've even forgotten we have those muscles, then it can easily feel like "we're not creative." But that's like going to the gym for the first time in years and "discovering muscles we didn't know we had." They've always been there - just not used.

Tara has worked in the creative industry as a graphic designer for over twenty years, so she knows a bit about creativity and idea generation. Once she discovered that there is a process behind creative thinking, a process that can be explored and learnt, she became fascinated by the field, and it's now her mission to make idea generation and development more accessible to everyone.

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