Episode #06 - Sandra Busby, Award Winning Artist


This week's podcast guest on 'The Not-Starving Artist' show is Sandra Busby - an award winning still life artist who is amazingly talented and who happens to be self taught.

When I first visited her website, I thought I'd misunderstood something. I went there thinking I was going to see her paintings, but on the homepage I found what looked more like photographs. These turned out to be Sandra's oil paintings, not photographs at all.

Sandra is obsessed with painting glass and reflective surfaces! Of course she doesn't paint the actual glass, because is glass is see through, but that makes it even more admirable, in my opinion. She paints the illusion of glass - the way glass makes things look so that we know we're looking at glass.

Go have a look for yourself:  https://www.sandrabusbyart.com/


Make an appointment with yourself to do your art and stick to it.


After I saw Sandra's art, and learnt that she was a self-taught artist, I knew I had to interview her for the show. I wanted to know why she decided to learn her art in her own way, how she did it and how she continues to paint these beautiful images while having a full time job in her husband's business.

Are you teaching yourself an art form? Are you so busy with daily life that you often feel that there's not enough time to apply yourself properly? Or are you perhaps formally educated in the arts and have an opinion on formal art training versus being self-taught? Please share your experiences and thoughts in the comments.

Focus of the show

How to find time for art in a busy life

Sandra's main tips for success

  • Get up an hour earlier every day, if possible, to make time for your art.

  • Ask for help when you need it.

  • Freeze leftovers!

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