Episode #05 - Kirsty Shadiac, artist and brain behind "Artventure"


In this episode, we hear from Kirsty Shadiac, mother of two small kids, artist and the brain behind the Australian based online art school for kids called "Artventure".


I approached Kirsty for an interview because my own kids use Artventure, and I realised from the very first online class that Kirsty's way of teaching and setting up her classes was unique.

Kirsty's students come from 145 countries, and there are thousands of them! Not only does Kirsty run her art business, but she is also an active artist herself who accepts commissions and has she's got two little kids keeping her busy. So, naturally, I wanted to know how she does it!


Love what you do!


Focus of the show:

  • Creative entrepreneurship

  • Balancing work, creativity and life with two little children.


You can find out more about Kirsty here:


What are Kirsty Shadiac’s main tips for creative success?

Get advice when you need it.
Be smart about what you do.