Affirmations for writers

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If I could come up with a new word for "affirmations" I would. Not just a synonym, but one of those clever words that catch on as the latest greatest thing, but when you learn more about it, you find out it's only the same steady, good advise that's been practiced by many successful people for years, dressed up in a new sparkly suit.

The mere mention of the word "affirmations" can cause a lot of head-shaking and scoffing.

affirmations don't work
affirmations don't work

I use affirmations for everything in my life, including any writing, all day long. Whatever I want to achieve, I start the process with my thoughts.

Natalie Goldberg has a simple affirmation that she shares in "Wild Mind: Living the Writers Life". She suggests telling yourself every night and every morning,

i am a writer 1
i am a writer 1

Short, simple and to the point. The way a good affirmation should be.

The thing is, though, that affirmations only work if you can feel their truth somewhere in your body.

A writer who repeats to herself every night and every morning, "I am a writer" but never puts pen to paper, won't have much success. However, if she backs up her simple statement of truth with some daily writing, any writing will do, she will feel like a writer, and soon her affirmation will work even bigger magic in her writing life.

People often say things like:

wrong affirmations 1
wrong affirmations 1

These are all affirmations, whether we like the word "affirmations" or not, and they're creating the thinker's reality. So if you catch yourself having any of these thoughts, change them.

Simply say what you want, rather than what you don't want, then back it up with action.


  • I know what to write. (Then sit down and write something.)
  • I can write. (Then sit down and write something.)
  • I have lots of blog topic ideas that I can write on. (Then sit down and start making a list.)
  • When I sit down to write, the words flow easily to me. (Then sit down to write something).

See the pattern? Affirmation, backed up by simple action, = magic.

Your takeaway from this article

If you're a writer, or want to become one, then start by making a simple affirmation for yourself, and backing it up with some writing action. Any writing is good for this. Journaling, rough drafts, random ideas, lists - it doesn't matter. Just put pen to paper. Then watch as your affirmation and action combination make your writing blossom.

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