Desperate Affirmations - What artists need to know about using affirmations.


  Written by: Angie Noll

Are you doing your daily affirmations? Or are you being your daily affirmations?

Some people say that affirmations don’t work. Perhaps you’re one of the people who think that doing affirmations is a waste of time and that all this “positive thinking” stuff is just nonsense.

After all, which artist has ever increased their bank balance by repeating, “Money flows easily into my life” over and over? Who has ever written a full-length book by repeating, “I am a writer"?

No one, you say.

And you’d be right.

But I'm doing my affirmations correctly...

We know how to do affirmations. Some of us write them out religiously every day, while others prefer to say them or stick them on yellow Post-It’s around the house.

We follow all the rules – we write or say our affirmations in the present tense as if they’re already true for us. We repeat them often and we even try to live from the end, as if our creative dreams are already true for us.

But there comes a day when we realise that even after all the repeated affirmations, our bank account is still in the negative and the book doesn't even have a title yet.

This is when we give up on all this new age positive thinking nonsense and carry on with life just like we did before.

So what is it that we’re missing? Why do affirmations seem to work so well for some people, but not for others?

Doing affirmations versus being affirmations

There’s a subtle difference between doing affirmations and being affirmations, and it goes deeper than just “living from the end result.”

It’s this difference that causes some people to say that affirmations don’t work, while they work just fine for others. The former are “doing” their affirmations while the latter are “being” their affirmations.

When we’re doing our affirmations, there’s a sense of desperation in needing them to be true for us. If we are repeating, “I now allow money to flow into my life,” while the money clearly is not flowing into our lives, it creates a problem.

A problem that our body cannot ignore.

We can trick the mind into thinking new thoughts, but these new thoughts won’t become ingrained patterns, or truths, for us, if our body doesn’t also believe in them. And our body isn’t easily fooled.

Our body knows the truth – it knows that our bank account is still as empty as it was before and that we're still the proverbial "starving artist." Hence that feeling of desperation that we feel when we're repeatedly telling ourselves something that obviously isn't true.

The problem of Incongruence

The problem that we create by saying affirmations that simply aren’t true for us, and that we can’t make ourselves believe to be true for us, is one of incongruence.

In other words, our body feels uncomfortable when our mind is trying to convince it of something that simply isn’t so. That’s why we feel false when we’re doing affirmations that are not true.

That's also why being our affirmations – making them true for us in our mind and in our body – is so important to creating the success we desire.

How can we authentically be our affirmations?

Being our affirmations in an authentic manner, one that will feel true in our body while we say it, will create a state of internal congruence. Everything will work together and be true. What our mind says and what our body feels will be in harmony.

And only then will affirmations create the end result they’re supposed to create for you. Repeating "I am a writer" while pitching up at the page every single day is clearly going to be more congruent and effective in bringing your writerly goals to fruition than repeating the same affirmation while spending your free time browsing Facebook.

But how do you do this in more tricky situations? How do you affirm to yourself, for instance, that money is now flowing into your life in an authentic way when it clearly isn’t? When the art is not selling, the rent is due and you need more art supplies before you can continue creating?

Well, obviously, you don’t.

What you can do, however, is make your affirmation broad enough to be true for you. Hence repeating, “I am abundant in every way” might feel more true for you, and therefore create a state of congruence between your mind and your body and it will still bring about the same result. Money is, after all, a form of abundance, is it not?

But by keeping your affirmation general enough to be true for you, you can authentically open yourself up to all forms of abundance, including money.

So when you feel the sunshine on your face or when you enjoy the Starbucks coffee you spent your last dollars on and recognise these as proof of abundance in your life, then you’re authentically being abundant.

Even when you enjoy a tasty meal, a good book, great health, a walk on the beach or an influx of creative inspiration, and you recognise these as forms of abundance, you’re still being authentically abundant.

Your body won’t feel any discomfort when you go through your day recognising all the abundance that you experience, while simultaneously affirming to yourself that you are abundant.

Then your body says, ‘Yes I am abundant.’

And what you are, you attract more of. So the more abundance you recognise in your day, which is then congruent with the affirmation in your mind, the more your energetic vibration is one of abundance. And when you approach it like this, you won’t even be able to avoid abundance coming into your life, because you attract what you are energetically.

But the secret is in creating this state of congruence between your mind and your body. When your body feels like it’s being lied to, then you can repeat your affirmations until you’re blue in the face – you won’t attract anything except more incongruence.

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