Are You An 'Oversensitive' Artist? Then you've got a superpower.


  Written by: Angie Noll

It's a bird... It's a plane... It's Superman!

Some can lift cars or leap tall buildings in a single bound. Others can change from human to animal. What is your superpower?

I am Super Sensitive, and as a bonus, I'm not even limited to only one special talent - I can see, hear AND feel more than both Spiderman or Superman can. And if you've ever been accused of being "too sensitive", as most artistic types have been, then so can you!

Curse or Blessing?

More often than not, "oversensitivity" is seen as a bad thing. Those who are born with ordinary powers, like merely being able to fly or turn invisible (yawn), often mistakenly assume that we must simply outgrow our extreme sensitivity, much like teenage acne. But that's only because being super sensitive has not been recognised as the Superpower that it is. Yet.

My Superpower is the reason why I'm able to write. And I bet your 'oversensitivity' actually provides valuable fuel for your creativity as well. It's what drives us to seek solitude, to open up to inspiration, and to dig in deep to create something that resonates heart to heart.

So while others are busy practising their invisibility skills or lifting articulated trucks with one hand, I spend time every day turning my super power into a super-duper power through meditation, yoga and writing.

In other words, I purposefully increase my "oversensitivity" so that it can function as a stable, clear and reliable source of creative fuel, (not to mention be a clear channel for the Artistic Muses to inspire me.)

10 Things I Do To Nurture My Superpower

Here is a list of things that I do to help me maintain my gift of being "too sensitive" without going crazy in the chaos of living in a modern city.

  1. I stay away from crowded places, especially if they're indoors.
  2. I create balance in my daily life where I alternate busyness with solitude.
  3. I celebrate being sensitive! It's a gift, just like being artistic or mathematically inclined or sporty. And, just like any other talent, it needs to be worked on, or trained, and expressed appropriately.
  4. I pay attention to my diet and eat natural and healthy wherever possible because the Creative Muses can't reach me if I'm stuffed full of toxins. I imagine Superman does the same.
  5. I exercise daily as it helps a lot with being grounded, and groundedness, believe it or not, is *key* to nurturing your Superpower.
  6. I hardly watch any television/movies and certainly no news or drama or violence. Having a superpower is intense enough.
  7. My house tends to be quiet, except for our own family noise - which more than makes up for the lack of background music or television.
  8. I try to spend a lot of time in nature, even though I'm not particularly outdoorsy. But I enjoy sitting in the garden, being on the beach or walking in the forest. (I just don't want to be there the whole day.)
  9. I don't have a strict routine because fixed schedules are stressful, and creative inspiration does not keep to a schedule. So I have a daily rhythm that I live by, rather than a schedule. This way, there is also space for unexpected missions requiring my Superpower.

How do you, as an "oversensitive" artist, deal with your Superpower? And how does this oversensitivity feed into your creativity?

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