How To Manifest Like a Girl


  Written by: Angie Noll

Men don’t wear panties and women don’t wear jocks. Men are handsome and women are pretty. Men prefer the toilet seat up, women like it down. There is nothing feminist about these differences, and it’s not a case of trying to be difficult. It just is.

As a woman, my internal, feminine landscape is biologically and psychologically vastly different to that of a man’s. And I’ve discovered first hand – through my own manifestation practice and by helping clients with theirs - just how important this is.

Here are 5 factors that women have to be aware of since they can thwart even the best-intentioned manifestation efforts.

  1. Biology

Women have cycles and men don’t. So while men might not understand the relevance of the monthly cycle to the manifestation process, women across the world will know how hormonal changes can affect our ability to remain focused on a goal, to visualise with feeling and to sustain the high vibrational energy necessary for successful manifestation – every day of the month.

When oestrogen and testosterone both increase, just after the menstrual period has ended, we are inherently more energetic, upbeat and positive. When oestrogen is at its peak, it gets even better, because we naturally feel optimistic and social - like we can conquer the world. This is a great time for manifestation practices (affirmations, visualisation with feeling, meditation, thinking in terms of a dream already being true…)

But then we ovulate. And everything crashes. The closer we come to the start date of our period, the less we feel capable of doing anything – psychologically and physically. Not so great for manifestation. Our will to create actually suffers during this time.

  1. Psychology 

The idea that a woman’s mind functions differently from a man's isn’t new, but it’s often overlooked when we discuss manifestation. Many females actually feel aggressive when they actively pursue their dreams and goals - too masculine.

For a woman to take the time to create her dream life she must also grapple with feeling - and often being told that she actually is - greedy and selfish.

Depending on how the woman was raised, she might even believe that she has no right to manifest anything because her life is not hers to live as she sees fit. This is a huge obstacle for many of us.

Some girls are still raised to believe that they are inferior – to father, to brother and to husband. With a consciousness that is built on a belief that others (including home) must always come first, it is naturally difficult to manifest anything for herself.

  1. Social Roles

It is a fact that even though there are many more men around nowadays who take on household and childcare duties, it is still mostly women who perform these tasks – sometimes in conjunction with a day job.

Modern women are extremely busy. We feel like we have to do it all ourselves, otherwise we’re failures. We have to succeed not only in a female world or house and children, but we also have to excel in a male world of earning, working and having a career - which leaves very little energy and focus for manifesting anything.

  1. Biological Clock

Women, it seems, are always racing against a clock. Often it’s the real one on the kitchen wall, but there’s also the one that society dictates for us, such as when to get married and have children or when to start a career.

Then there is the biological clock, which affects everything that we do for at least the first twenty years of adult life, including what to manifest and what to sacrifice.

  1. Giving and Receiving

Women are essentially givers. We are nurturers – that’s the feminine energy. Before many of us can manifest our goals, we first have to learn how to receive. For a woman - raised with generations worth of self-sacrificing beliefs, being able to receive the gifts of the universe – without guilt – can be one of the main obstacles to manifesting her dreams.

So, how do you manifest like a girl, then? 

  1. Understand that there are different factors to take into account and include in your manifestation practice, and then be prepared for their interference. For instance, plan for those days when the hormones mess with your mind, and become conscious of the beliefs that you carry with regards to your “place in society”.
  2. Adopt the “aeroplane oxygen mask strategy” is another good starting point for women. Know that you can serve those around you better by looking after your own needs as well.

By understanding that the rules of the manifestation game are different for men and women, you can become a master manifestor and create anything you desire, for yourself and for those that depend on you.

You could even manifest a business that designs pretty, lacey jocks and boxers for all those handsome ladies out there… for those who want something “a little different” in the underwear department perhaps? Anyone care to try?

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