It's A Practice


  Written by: Angie Noll

As I settle on the mat this morning, ready to start my daily yoga practice, I feel scattered and unfocused. Part of me is rebelling against the need to stop writing and shift my focus to the art of yoga.

There has been too much to do these last few weeks, with not enough occasion for reflection and meditation.  But as I flow through the familiar sequence of the Ashtanga primary series, focusing on the steady Ujjayi breath, I come home to myself. My energy settles down, my breathing deepens and with each full round of sun salutations, my muscles relax just a bit more, releasing some of the tension that I've been holding.

Overcoming the inner urge to stay busy and keep going instead of slowing down is a daily practice.

Like my yoga practice, meditation is a big component of my creativity. It lifts me up to higher places from where life - and my art - makes a lot more sense. Taking time out every day to slow down, sit still and just listen also takes practice.

Creativity is obviously an important facet of my life. If I don't write, I become grumpy and antsy, just like when I miss a yoga class or a chance to sit in meditation. Not everything I write comes from my own mind. Often, it comes from the divine mind and simply flows through me. It requires the ability to be still, and a change of focus. This too takes practice.

It seems that all of life is just practice. I practice writing, every day. I practice yoga and meditation, every day. I practice other things too, like parenting and loving and teaching and cooking. Each day is simply a different expression of my creative self.


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