Don't allow "realistic expectations" to hinder your child's manifesting process

dontallowrealistic-rodolfo-mari Written by: Angie Noll

My youngest daughter, Gabbi, decided that all she wanted in her life was a new bicycle. A “proper” one, as she put it, like her older sister’s bicycle. She had a little starter bike, one of those with a long stick at the back for me to steer while she learnt to keep her feet on the pedals. I told her to wait until Christmas, but Gabbi had no intention of waiting – she needed it now. As Wayne Dyer often quotes, “There’s no idea as powerful as one whose time had come.” And Gabbi had an idea for a bicycle.

dontallowrealisticexpectationstohinderQuite unawares, Gabbi followed the manifestation process perfectly, as naturally as only a child who has never heard of “a manifestation process” can. She had a clear picture in her mind of what she wanted her bike to look like, including the colours. She told people about it and fully believed that she could have it. She acted like she already had the bicycle by pretending her old one was new. Two weeks later, she casually mentioned it to my neighbour, who promptly went outside and collected a beautiful pink, small bike that used to belong to her daughter when she was little. Gabbi was over the moon and could hardly wait for her Dad to come home and lower the bicycle seat so that she could give it a go. The only problem (in my mind, not Gabbi’s) was that this new bicycle had no training wheels.

The next day, we went to the shop to buy “Mom’s” training wheels, and Gabbi found the bicycle aisle. A beautiful pink and white little bicycle, with training wheels, stood on the floor, clearly waiting just for Gabbi. I let her try it out in the shop, and she rode it perfectly, first-time. Needless to say, the bicycle came home with us, and finally, after 2 short weeks, Gabbi had manifested not only 1 but 2 bicycles for herself.

It was wonderful to watch the manifestation process unfolding so naturally, exactly the way it’s supposed to be. Gabbi didn’t sweat it, stress, force or get despondent. If only we could all believe in our own ability to manifest so effortlessly. Because manifesting anything is really as simple as manifesting that bike – our minds just tell us that it's not. But the basic underlying process is the same, regardless of the nature of what you want to manifest. It’s all based on an unshakeable belief that you really can have whatever it is that you desire. Not even that you can have it, but that you already have it. That’s how real it must be. The result is inevitable – if you believe that you already have what you covet, and you consistently behave in a manner that is in accordance with already having that desire in your life as a true reality, then it simply must be so. There is no way it cannot be so for you.

Our kids know how to manifest naturally because they are still much more in touch with the creative source of all beings and things. They haven’t yet learnt how to doubt themselves or how to rate one thing as “more difficult” to manifest than another. They just simply manifest.

As a parent, it’s important to recognise that natural ability in your child, and when your child is in the process of manifesting something for themselves, don’t get in the way with “realistic expectations”, like financial concerns, time constraints or any other reason that might sound valid to you but that is, in fact, completely irrelevant to the manifestation process. As I got wiser about manifestation in my own life, I learnt to step out of my children’s way and just let them manifest, because the way that creation works to produce results can sometimes be surprising even to us as parents.

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