Coming Unstuck

comingunstuck-florian-bernhardt Written by: Angie Noll

Two monks were on a pilgrimage. They had already walked many miles, avoiding where they could the society of people for they were from a particular order of monks that were forbidden to speak to or touch women. They had no wish to offend anyone so they kept to the byways and lived off the land.

It was the rainy season and as they walked across the broad plain they were hoping that the river they had to cross would not be impassable. From afar they could see that the river had burst its banks, nevertheless, they were hopeful that the ferryman would be able to take them across in his boat. But as they neared the crossing point they could see no sign of the boatman; the boat, it appeared, had been swept away in the current and the ferryman had stayed at home.

1-comingunstuckThere was, however, a woman.

She was dressed in fine clothes and carried an umbrella. She implored the monks to help her cross, for her mission was urgent and the river, though wide and fast, was not deep.

The younger monk ignored her and looked away. The elder, however, said nothing but swept her up onto his shoulder and carried her across, putting her down, completely dry, on the other bank.

For the whole of the following hour, as they journeyed on through thick and tangled woods, the younger monk berated the elder, heaping scorn upon his actions, accusing him of betraying the order of his vows. How dare he? How could he? What was he thinking of? What gave him the right to?

Eventually, the monks entered a clearing, and the elder monk stopped and looked square into the eyes of the younger. There was a long moment of silence.

Finally, in a soft tone, his eyes bright and gentle with compassion, the older monk simply said, “My brother, I put that woman down an hour ago. It is you that are still carrying her.”

The Magic of Metaphor: 77 stories for Teachers, Trainers and Thinkers by Nick Owen

What are you still carrying with you that you could have let go of long ago? In my experience, it is incorrect beliefs about ourselves and our abilities that are at the root of manifestation failures. Beliefs that we carry around with us, throughout our lives, that usually sounds like some variation of “I can’t”.

“It’s not possible…” “I don’t have enough time/money/expertise…” “I’m too old to…” “It won’t work…” “I can’t see how…”

If you’re trying to manifest something in your life, and it isn’t working, this would be the number one place to start looking for the reason. There is nothing wrong with the manifestation process, it works just fine. But people are often so focused on the result that they forget that it is also a healing process. One of the ways in which it heals is in helping to get rid of the virus of “I can’t.”

So let go, dislodge yourself from old, stagnant beliefs and habits, and allow the manifestation process to do its healing work on you.

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